It’s 2019 and your top sales prospects are becoming even more difficult to connect with and even tougher to sell your main points to.

There is so much noise in the sales development world these days that standing out as an SDR takes something truly unique.

Below, we’ve shared a few sales outreach tips that you can use as inspiration to help meet your quota this year.

Utilize Video to Reach Out for Successful Sales

Hubspot has proven that video prospecting is truly effective and has bumped up their sales opportunities 4x.

Their sales development reps that used traditional email and phone prospecting earned an approximate 1.5% conversion rate.

Those same reps that used short videos to get the main points across and motivate prospects to reply earned a 6% conversion rate!

What You Can Learn From Hubspot’s Experiment

Hubspot’s experiment shows that SDRs that utilize video in their sales prospecting see increased productivity, CTRs, and efficiency.

Try these simple tools to create short videos that get all of your main points across to your sales lead:

  • Vidyard GoVideo – Chrome extension that allows you to record yourself, your screen, or both
  • Snapchat – Use Snapchat stories to record 60-second videos with your phone and save them in a shareable video file to send to sales leads
  • Videolicious – Similar to Vidyard GoVideo, but with the bonus of having built-in scripts and graphics

To put it simply, video is the most engaging content on the internet and will guarantee higher response rates!

Personalized Outreach to Guarantee Sales Engagement

SDR Sam Silverman from outreach.io has been able to consistently hit 180% of his sales quota by doing his research and using personalized emails to better connect with his sales leads.

How did Sam do this?

Sam devotes his Wednesdays and Sundays to engaging with content that his prospects were sharing and creating. This helped increase awareness of himself and his brand.

Increased awareness via social selling = increased engagement

Stay up-to-date on your prospects and engage with them by:

  1. Recommending content they might find useful based on what they are sharing on social media.
  2. Recommending social media groups based on their interests (especially if they are non-business related).
  3. Using sales enablement tools like Owler to gain insight into the inner-workings of their industry or company.
  4. Trying out SifData, our native Salesforce application, to see if your prospect has moved to a different company and engage with them there.

Convince your prospect that they are valued by going above and beyond and I guarantee you’ll see results like Sam.

Physical Cards or Packages For a Lasting Impact

The majority of sales management leaders are getting flooded with emails and phone calls. Use physical letters to spark your prospect’s curiosity.

Whether it’s a Christmas card from Grammy, a package from Amazon, or a handwritten letter from an old friend across the country, everything that ends up in your mailbox almost always gets opened.

Whether you’re the CMO of an IoT company that’s getting press coverage or a sales manager trying to get in front of a prospect, sending targeted letters and packages works.

How To Do This Yourself:

  1. Take notes during conversations with sales contacts in order to send more personalized packages and handwritten cards that will have a lasting impact.
  2. Ask for permission to send something to their home or business address. Integrate their address to their contact information in Salesforce.
  3. Send your letter with a bulky item to make sure it gets opened.
  4. Make the headline powerful, attention-grabbing, and place it 1/4th down the page.
  5. Integrate your logo and branding into the sales letter template.
  6. Add testimonials from current customers and a strong CTA in the conclusion.

Try sending a personalized letter to your next sales lead and see what happens!

Utilize Non-Office Hours to Reach Sales Prospects

It’s common sense as a sales enablement professional to not call leads at the end of the day on Friday while they are getting ready for a relaxing weekend.

What if you could take advantage of certain times – such as first thing in the morning or when the office day is winding down – to give your sales target a call?

By understanding your client’s schedule, you can increase your chances of reaching them and converting them.

One quick tip is to send emails on evenings and weekends to maximize the odds that they’ll answer your calls or emails.

Convert Sales Prospects By Educating & Inspiring

Learning is part of what we do everyday. When it comes to our career or our hobbies, the only way to progress is to learn.

Likewise, helping others grow is rooted in educating. If you have the ability to show sales prospects how they can improve their situations, then why not give it a shot?

Simply put, it’s your job as an SDR to inform sales prospects of a problem they don’t know about and inspire them to take action.

What Can You Learn From CharityWater?

CharityWater uses this brilliant video to educate viewers on the crucial aspect water plays in many people’s lives and how other people take it for granted.

By educating viewers on the problem of water shortage and the solution of donating money to their charity, they inspire viewers to take action by donating money to a worthy cause.

Use your extensive knowledge of your product or service and which problems it solves to educate your next sales lead!

Try These Sales Enablement Tactics In Your Next Sales Cycle

Getting in front of sales prospects can be a pain, but with SifData’s software (which integrates seamlessly with Salesforce), you can gain a competitive advantage and increase your chances of converting by knowing when your key contacts and champions move to other companies.

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