A generation or two ago, people stayed at companies for the majority of their careers. We’re talking decades of service to the same organization, slowly but steadily climbing the ladder, then comfortably retiring after thirty years with a gold watch and a smile on their face.

These days, that kind of longevity, devotion, and employee retention is the stuff of legend. We live in a wholly different world now, and the idea of staying at one company for the entirety of your career is incredibly rare.

recent survey conducted by LinkedIn indicated that while job-hopping isn’t exactly new, it’s more and more common for employees, especially those under the age of 35, to bounce between companies and roles as they figure out their talents and secure their footing in the working world.

Which brings us to a two-prong dilemma. See if either of these situations sound familiar.

Changing companies, changing jobs

A major point of contact (POC) at an account in your territory leaves their company. How are you supposed to know the name, let alone the contact information of, their successor? And how will you be able to determine the right time to reach out, considering you have knowledge of neither when your POC left and when your potential new POC began?

Here’s another situation. An evangelist you keep in touch with leaves an account because they’ve secured a role at a larger company that you currently have no foothold in. How will you know what their new company (and their role) is, let alone how or when to get in touch?

Every year, so much potential revenue is left on the table because of these two scenarios. And if you chalk it up to people being fickle and job hopping at the slightest hint of boredom, you’re channeling that frustration into the wrong place. Instead, look at this new normal as a way to grow your network.

What to do when your contacts churn

Face it, people are going to bounce. But thankfully, there are Salesforce tools available that automatically track job and title changes for all your customers, contacts, and key champions. Software like SifData helps organizations scale by tracking key job changes in Salesforce so you can focus on generating your pipeline, reducing churn and closing deals faster.

There are many companies out there that will track job changes for you. But SifData keeps things simple and streamlined, all in real time and with 100% Salesforce integration. Here’s how we work:

Native Salesforce Integration

If you’re a rep who lives and breathes Salesforce, it makes sense to build a tool that brings the data to you. Our Salesforce tools are fully integrated, so there’s no toggling back and forth between software platforms.

Easy and Hands-Off

No one wants to take on more work. That’s why we built SifData so it you get alerted automatically about changes without any additional effort from reps.

Integrated Data in Salesforce

Other tools harness job change data in their platforms. We think all of it should just be in Salesforce, so we built it that way.

Stay Flexible

SifData doesn’t have a single line of code. This means you have unlimited flexibility to tailor the product to your own business goals.

Goodbye Spreadsheets!

You’ll never have to send a list of leads and contacts to a virtual assistant for enrichment ever again.

Track everything. Really.

Reporting out of Salesforce on the impact of SifData is a snap. What’s more, you never have to second guess as to whether or not your data is up to date.

SifData helps companies track their leads, contacts and accounts to keep them abreast within an ever-changing professional landscape by automatically updating and alerting you of changes. Remember, when one door closes, another opens. We’ll help you navigate your way through both, to great success.

Speak with a Salesforce data expert at SifData to request a demo today!