We’ve all been in your shoes. You have an awesome product and a beautiful website, but you can’t seem to figure out why you aren’t getting more leads in your sales funnel. In order to consistently get high-quality leads, you need to have a killer demand generation strategy.

Demand generation is the process of generating demand in your products or services, and here are our top demand generation tactics that will create high-quality leads for your business.

Use social proof

Social proof is the practice of showcasing customer testimonials, or company logos, in order to gain your customer’s credibility and trust. Social proof leverages the ‘herd mentality’ phenomenon.

You can take advantage of social proof with SifData. Make a list of your top clients, the ones you would feature as ‘social proof,’ and then use SifData to see if any of your contacts have left that company. If they have left, there’s a good chance that they could be high-quality leads at their new job.

Start a blog

Writing and sharing information on a blog is a great way to position your company as a knowledgeable resource. It’s also a great SEO tool because it’s a natural way to regularly update your site, which leads to higher rankings. With that being said, you must be diligent in updating content and have a plan for how to share your posts.

You should give users the opportunity to subscribe to your blog. If users are willing to give you their information, you know that they are a promising lead. After you create a list of followers, generate reports on those leads with SifData. If any of them change jobs, it will increase that lead’s score.

Offer a free version of your product

Offering a trial version of your product is a great way to generate demand. It allows customers to familiarize themselves with the product before having to pay for it. Your product may even sell itself.

These are some of your best leads, and you can use SifData to keep tabs on them. If a lead downloads your trial, but doesn’t end up turning into a paying customer, the timing could be off. If they switch jobs, they can become a top lead once again, and you can use SifData to alert you of their job changes.

Draft case studies

Case studies offer in-depth examples of how your products benefited existing customers. They provide evidence to support your value proposition and increase your credibility in your prospect’s eyes. If you have engaged a lead, but they don’t want to move forward, case studies can help motivate customers to act.

Create white papers

White papers are an excellent method to convey value. White papers should be written on a very specific topic and short in length. You want to make sure that busy prospects can read your white papers quickly, and easily share them with the rest of their team.

You can use whitepapers to acquire new leads. If visitors want to read your whitepaper (you can also do this for case studies), ask them to provide their email address, and then send the white paper to that address. This process will enable you to start creating a list of early stage leads.

Go to conferences

By interacting with customers at conferences, people can put a face to your name. Attending, sponsoring, speaking at, or being a vendor at industry-specific conferences is a great way to become recognized as a thought leader in your specific area of expertise.

When you meet people at conferences, ask for their contact info and put it into your CRM. Then, use SifData to keep track of their job updates.

Start a podcast

Podcasts are very popular right now, and they are a great way to make connections with customers at every stage of the sales funnel. Podcasts require more production and preparation than a blog, but unlike a blog, potential customers can listen to your podcast when they are multitasking or on the go.

You need to post your podcasts regularly in order to cultivate a following. Be sure you have a schedule for planning, recording, editing, and hosting your episodes.

Host webinars

Hosting webinars is another way to generate interest in your company, and it provides an opportunity to interact with potential customers. Pick a specific topic related to your product or service offering and then schedule a webinar on that topic. Before you begin, require users to register for the webinar by providing their contact information.

Start off your webinar by interacting with the attendees. If you have a chat window, ask them simple questions like their location or job title. Give a short presentation on your chosen topic and then encourage questions. This is an excellent way to gain credibility and capture the contact information of new leads.

Monitor your leads

Using top demand generation tactics to generate high quality leads is only part of the battle. Once you generate quality leads and put them in your CRM, you need to work on turning them into customers. You should develop a system of nurturing and scoring your leads. When they reach a certain score, you can turn them over to your sales team who can work on converting them to customers.

You should keep track of your prospect’s job changes. By using SifData, you can see if a lead switches companies. Leads who switch positions may be scored higher in their new role. Also, if a prospect rejects your product, but then leaves their role, you should create a lead for their replacement. Their replacement may be more receptive to your offering.

Everyone’s target audience is slightly different, so you should test different combinations of these top demand generation tactics to see which ones work for you. Nonetheless, these tactics are a great place to start and will put you on the right path to creating a top demand generation strategy.