For as long as there have been weekly sales forecast meetings reps have been asked the question “What can we do to bring deals forward?” Everyone in the meeting knows it’s coming, so why does this question feel rhetorical? And why, when the inevitable question is asked, does every rep look down at their laptop and hope they won’t be pressed for a real answer? For many reps, the reality is that unless they’re able to get approval for a massive discount or some guarantee that a product will be launched by a certain date, there’s not much they can do. But there is another, often overlooked, way to bring a deal forward: Sell to people who have purchased your product in the past.

By identifying previous customers that have moved on to a new company, you have a list of prospects who are already familiar with your product. You have a relationship with them and they have proven success with your service. Given this history they are much more likely to champion bringing your product or service to their new company. Selling into this new account will probably be the easiest deal you’ve ever closed. But how do you do that at scale, without wasting hours scouring LinkedIn and updating Salesforce?

By integrating SifData with Salesforce, you can quickly and easily surface contacts that have changed companies. SifData captures data from LinkedIn which allows your sales team to easily identify which leads and contacts have changed companies. So when the inevitable question is asked at the weekly forecasting meeting, your response can be “by reaching out to previous customers at their new companies is how we’re going to bring some deals forward.”

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