More Expertise Added to a Growing SifData Team

Ryan has engineered sales teams for more than a decade in Silicon Valley and as the founder of SalesCollider, he frequently hosts events for founders, rising sales leaders as well as offers advisory and consulting services.

He works with dozens of fast-moving software companies backed by venture capitalists such as Y-combinator, TrueVentures, 500 Startups, and A16Z.

Loyal SifData Adopter Turned Advisor

Ryan was an early adopter of SifData and has known Kyle Morris, our founder, for eight years.

“SifData is about speed and accuracy. An ideal sales development strategy guarantees you are targeting the right companies and the right individual at that company. SifData will not only find you leads who have already qualified as customers, it will deliver that individual’s history of product adoption.”

Ryan’s management experience includes building sales training for 400 reps at AdRoll where he also launched a $60M mid-market sales team. As VP of Sales at LeadGenius, Ryan grew enterprise sales 400 percent and helped raise Series B from top-tier investors.

He sees SifData as a critical tool in optimizing sales efficiency.

“SifData can give you a measurable advantage over the competition overnight. It’s one of those beautifully simple and perfectly rendered ideas. I’m really excited to be a part of it.”

A Partnership Finally Made Official

Kyle has wanted to bring Ryan on board for some time now.

“I’ve leaned on Ryan informally as an advisor for years. He has been critical to introducing SifData as the industry standard in tracking contact movement in Salesforce. I cannot express my gratitude and excitement that SifData will benefit from his knowledge and experience in the critical months and years ahead.”

The entire SifData team is glad to have an experienced and devoted advisor like Ryan on board to help us prepare and make a big impact this year.

Learn More About SifData Today

SifData’s software helps companies track key contact’s job changes in Salesforce. Teams are notified when leads and contacts change roles which helps generate pipeline and reduce churn. Headquartered in Bend, Oregon, SifData is available for download on the Salesforce AppExchange. For more information, visit our website at