There are three sources of revenue – converting new leads, upselling to current customers and selling to former customers, however typically only two are being tracked. While there are systems in place for measuring the conversion of new leads and upselling, most executives can’t quantify how much revenue is coming from former customers.

With so much of current sales strategy focused on relationship selling, why aren’t we tracking the revenue cycle associated with a specific customer? When it takes a lot of resources to build a relationship with a customer, why aren’t we watching what happens when that customer moves on to a different company? Many would answer that there aren’t the tools out there to measure this information.

With SifData Salesforce integration, your sales team is now able to track and attribute sales to former customers. With SifData salespeople are notified via Salesforce as to when a LinkedIn contact and customer has a new job title at a new company. This allows the salesperson to identify that new company and customer as a lead in Salesforce and reach out accordingly. Utilizing Salesforce is this capacity allows the sales team to properly attribute sales and identifies the percentage of monthly revenue coming from previous customers.

SifData enables sales teams to quantify the investment they put into both social and relationship selling strategies and track the lifespan and revenue of a contact. With this Salesforce integration, executives will now be able attribute revenue to all three sales channels. Contact us to learn more about SifData.